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Our Story

Tianjin Jiayi Metal Product Co., Ltd, supporting the metal packaging industry from all aspects of bottom cover production, stamping iron and tinplate trade. The main production factory is located in the Qingxian Economic Development Zone of Hebei Province, covering an area of 70 acres. It has four standardized production workshops with an area of 16,000 square meters, offices and comprehensive supporting with an area of 4,500 square meters. There are more than 200 employees and 21 with a bachelor degree or above. We are committed to creating high-quality service providers for aerosol and metal container industries and are moving towards leading professional metal container manufacturing industry solution providers.

I.Conponent Making

Jiayi Metal started in 2005, mainly producing top and bottom cover products of aerosol cans. Since 2013, it has added the production of food covers and been a largest & professional manufacturer in northern China.

At present, it has 14 domestic advanced CNC punch press base cover production lines, 4 progressive punch machines, 8 high-speed glue injection machines, and is equipped with a visual inspection system, an automatic counter and a bagging machine.

Current Production equipment: 6 aerosol cover production lines, the top cover production speed is 600 per minute, and the bottom cover production speed is 700 per minute. The annual production capacity is 500 million sets. There are 8 food cover production lines with a maximum production speed of 1200 per minute. The annual production capacity is 2 billion.

Product Type: Aerosol cover 200 #, 211 #, 207.5 #, 209 #

Food cover 200 #; 202 #; 209 #; 300 #; 307 #; 401 #; 603 #

II. Metal Sheet Printing & Coating

We have two Japanese Fuji F452 lines and four F453 lines, equipped with CTP fully automatic computer plate making room, standard physical and chemical laboratory and other supporting facilities. The daily production capacity of tinplate coating can reach over 200 tons. The products cover a wide range, including beverages, dried fruits, foods, daily chemicals, aerosols, styrofoam, automobile care products, etc. Most of the cooperative customers are large state-owned enterprises, well-known private enterprises in the industry and other excellent companies. The surrounding tinplate is rich in resources and superior in geographical position, which is surrounded by many large steel mills. Supporting several logistics companies, the transportation is convenient, efficient and preferential freight service provided for customers at any time.

III. Tinplate Trading

We are mainly engaged in Shougang, Baosteel, Meigang, Zhuoli and Tianjin steel mills tinplate, chrome tinplate and box plate with thickness of 0.12MM-0.50MM; width of 700MM-1280MM; hardness of T1-DR9; tin plate coating of 1.1-11.2 g / square meter and surface state of B, R, S, M.And it can be widely used in various metal container packaging cans and bottom covers according to various sizes of wave shears and plane shears required by clients. Annual processing and sales are more than 20,000 tons, products are sold throughout the country and exported to southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and other regions.

Operation Principle

Companies are adhering to the enterprise spirit of "practical, hard work, responsibility", the business philosophy of "integrity, win-win, create", the quality of survival for the fundamental, the principle of customer first to serve customers with sincerity.

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